Office Partitions

Office Fitout Partitions

Partitions are a versatile part of any office; they can be used to add privacy, create a mood and be used to optimise the space and layout in your office. See below the details of the different office partition walls that Affordable Fitouts can install for your office fitout.

Solid Wall Plaster Office Partitions

Also known as Type A partitions

Similar to the walls in your house, these office partitions are 90mm wide, can be finished with aluminium or masonite skirting and painted in any colour of your choice. If sound acoustics is important, these office partitions can be installed with noise block insulation.

We recommend installing solid office partitions in between office with a glass partition and mdf door to the front.

Solid wall plaster office partitions

Glass Office Partitions

Also known as multiglazed partitions

Glass partitions maximise any natural light that enters the room, are aesthetically appealing and create a professional look and feel to your office. Glass office partitions can also be successful in creating a private space when used with frosted or coloured glass.

We recommend installing glass office partitions to the front of the office for your fitout.

Glass office partitions

Part Plaster, Part Glass Office Partitions

Also known as type C partitions,

Generally the configuration for these types of partitions are 1m plaster with 1.7m glass above however we can customise this to your needs. Part plaster, part glass partitions let in plenty of natural light but also provide privacy to your office space.

Part plaster, part glass partitions are an alternative option of all glass partitions.

Below is an example of an office partition wall with 1m plaster, 1m glass and 0.7m plaster on top.

Part plaster, part glass office partitions 2
Part plaster, part glass office partitions