Office Fitouts Comms Rooms

Office Fitouts Comms Rooms

Make sure your business relies on a professionally setup and configured communications system, that will be able to support a fast and stable communications & controls network.

Allow Affordable Fitouts to build a high-end communications hub of any size your business can depend on. From a single rack setup, to a complete data centre installation, our communication room solutions are highly customizable, marked by versatility, capability, and top performance, while adhering to the highest industry quality standards, and handling the most demanding workflow with ease.


Raised floors

Raised floor is a common comms room feature, serving the purpose of allowing for a service space. Our seamless design will fit any setup and need, all the while providing easy access to the service area.

Climate control

The equipment in the comms room can generate a lot of heat, therefore temperature control is important to ensure optimal working conditions for the servers and data racks and also to prevent a fire hazard. The first step is to discuss what is the best approach for your business taking into consideration your budget, the size of your comms room and the importance you place on your IT equipment.

More basic options include:

  • Standard split system
  • Split system with backup split system
  • CRAC (computer room air conditioning) unit

Control measure options for basic systems include:

  • a strobe light activated outside the comms room when the thermostat detects an increase in temperature inside the comms room
  • the split systems are shut down if water leak detected
  • an fault alarm is sent to a specified designated source
  • a secondary unit acts as a back up (could be A/C unit or ventilation system) if the main unit goes down
  • backup exhaust system

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Since communication rooms provide your business with a lifeline, a steadfast power supply is then crucial not only for maximised performance of the communication equipment, but probably even the survival of your company. Let us worry about UPS, batteries, and backup power systems that will live up to the 'uninterrupted' epithet.

Upgrade of electrical to the room

Depending on the racking & the necessary equipment installed in the communication room, our team will upgrade the electrical grid accordingly (15 or 20 amps).


Modification of services

Repurposing of an office space is a quite common practice in the office fitout industry. Since comms rooms are equipped with sensitive electronic and electric devices that can be easily damaged beyond recovery on contact with water, they require modification of the fire extinguishing grid. We will provide replacement of water sprinklers with FM200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System, and will also modify and replace any other services that are incompatible with the new electronic environment.


Well planned storing and positioning of the comms room equipment is essential for optimal performance of the communications & control network. We are using modular design solutions to plan for the best possible setup depending on the installed equipment, regardless of size and scope of the project. Taking into account a successful integration of the power supply, security, and climate control systems, we will deliver the best racking size and configuration, fully utilising the internal space in the communications room.



A room hosting the most sensitive, and most important pieces of equipment in your company should be locked all the time as unauthorized entry can easily translate to a disaster. Unlike most other areas & rooms which are easily accessible to regular employees, access to the comms room should only be allowed to administrators and service staff. We offer a wide variety of not only physical solutions (doors & locks), but also a composition of efficient access policies.

Last updated on Monday, August 24th 2020

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