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Essential services

When doing any type of fit out work, it will often require some alterations to the existing structures within a building for essential services. Essential services are the fire and life safety items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety over the life of the building.

These include:


Fire and smoke detection system

Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires as early as possible to enable the safe evacuation of occupants. Affordable Fitouts can install to Australian Standards, fire and smoke detection systems including smoke detectors and EWIS (Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems).

Sprinkler systems

A fire sprinkler system is a series of interconnected pipes and water pumps typically running in the ceiling cavity space connected to sprinkler heads in the ceiling. When activated by an increase in heat, water is released to assist with extinguishing the fire. Only the sprinkler heads that are heated will activate thus minimising water damage to unaffected areas. The positioning and number of sprinkler heads required in a space is important as it affects the effectiveness of the sprinklers and works must be done to Australian Standards in order to meet compliance.


Fire hose reels, hydrants and extinguishers

FIre hydrants and hose reels provide fire fighting crews with access to a water source in the event of a fire. A fire extinguisher is a protable device used to fight small fires in an emergency. It is important to have the right kind of extinguisher for the correct application, eg: Dry Powder extinguisher for flammable liquids, electrical equipment and gas fires.

Path of travel to exits

When you modify a tenancy with walls, doors, fixed joinery or workstations, you are altering the original path of travel to an exit of a building. It is important when designing a fit out that additional obstructions to an exit path don’t exceed XXm.


Exit and emergency lighting

Exit and emergency lighting assist occupants in quickly locating an exit and vacating a building in case of an emergency. All our works are done to comply with AS 2293.1.

Fresh air content

Typically for fresh air content, we add onto or tap into an existing mechanical system that delivers heating and cooling to your building and your tenancy.

Generally on larger commercial sized projects, all of the units are located on the rooftop and new air handling units can be added to provide fresh air to meet the Australian standards.


Exit doors

In an emergency, it is crucial that occupants can evacuate a building quickly and safely. There are two types of exit doors:

  • Fire Door
  • Exit Door

Fire doors must be self latching, self closing and openable with a single handed downward lever action or push action. They are made of fire retardant materials and a steel door frame.

Exit doors allow an emergency exit to the building and must include a single handle downward lever action or pushing action to open. They cannot have internal knobs or turn snibs or be lockable on the exit side (inside) of the door.

Last updated on Tuesday, July 28th 2020

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