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Ceilings are an important part of any fitout. They not only help to disguise important safety equipment, they also hide an ugly building structure, provide insulating qualities and add significant design cues in a space. We offer a range of ceiling options, the most common being the suspended ceiling grid. Below are some of the more popular ceiling options available.


Suspended grid ceiling

Suspended ceiling grid systems are a very practical ceiling solution for most fitouts. A suspended ceiling consists of a secondary ceiling which is suspended from the structural floor above. It creates a void between the bottom of the floor above and the top of the suspended ceiling. Within this void, essential building  infrastructure such as the sprinkler system, piping, wiring and ductwork is concealed. These remain easily accessible, however for repairs.

Suspended ceilings are the most popular ceiling for fitouts across almost all industries. Ceiling tiles are available in a range of colours and textures and can be tailored to meet specific design requirements. They also can improve acoustics in a fitout if they have a high acoustic rating.

Plaster ceilings and bulkheads

Plaster ceilings are another ceiling option for a fitout and are much like the plaster ceilings you might find in your home. They have a pleasing texture and when used in different thicknesses, offer very good sound insulation.

Combining a plaster ceiling with a bulkhead adds depth and design interest. A bulkhead is lower than the highest part of the ceiling and is an area enclosed or boxed in. A bulkhead can also function to conceal ducts or lighting.


Exposed ceilings

Exposed ceilings provide a distinctive design element in a space. Providing an industrial look, this stripped-down, warehouse-style is one of the most popular ceiling options for restaurants, cafes and a funky office. aesthetic. 

Exposed ceilings are not necessarily less expensive to install than a suspended ceiling. It can take a lot of work to creating a perfect unfinished look. Ductwork may need to be replaced or cleaned and painted to create a uniform appearance. There may be a lot of exposed wiring and cables that will need to be hidden. 

Another consideration is the acoustic and insulating qualities of the space. Exposed ceilings are more likely to result in a space that is difficult to heat and keep cool. Acoustically, an exposed ceiling will not absorb the same volume of sound, compared to a suspended ceiling. These are all important considerations when opting for an exposed ceiling. 

Feature ceilings

For a completely unique look, a feature ceiling is a great option. A feature ceiling makes use of a range of different materials and can help to maximise natural light, manage acoustics, reduce energy costs and add real design interest. 

Last updated on Friday, August 13th 2021

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