Franchise Fitouts

Franchise Fitouts

A franchise fitout involves more than just designing and creating a new space. It requires understanding your specific business needs, and working between the competing demands of multiple parties. Affordable Fitouts are specialists in retail shop fitouts, fitness studios, hospitality fitouts, and office fitouts for all types of commercial franchises. 

Working with us

When you partner with Affordable Fitouts you’re working with a national company who has completed many successful franchise fitouts and understands the unique requirements and pressures facing franchisees. We’ve worked with national franchises, The Athlete’s Foot, Anytime Fitness, 12RND, JettsKX Pilates, and Roll'd, fitting out and refurbishing new and existing premises.

We take care of all aspects of your project, including working with franchisor requirements, taking care of all permits, and providing experienced project management that ensures your project is delivered on time.

Talk to us

If you'd like to to talk to us about your franchise project, or find out more about how we help, call us on 1300 FITOUTS (348688). You can also send us a message. Tell us a little about your project, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What to expect when you buy a franchise

If you’ve just bought a franchise or are thinking about it, knowing what to expect will help you achieve the best result and get on with growing your business sooner. Contemplating a fitout for a franchise involves asking different questions. We'll address some common questions below, including:

1. Who pays for the fitout when you buy a franchise?

2. How does a franchise fitout differ from a regular fitout?

3. How to choose a fitout company

4. When can I engage a fitout company?

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Image of Anytime Fitness franchise fitout completed by Affordable Fitouts

Who pays for the fitout when you buy a franchise?

There are a range of different fees and responsibilities associated with buying a franchise. One important responsibility is fitting out the space that will be your new business. This most often falls on the franchisee. Costs include branding, decor and any equipment that needs to be purchased.

How does a franchise fitout differ from a regular fitout?

While the nuts and bolts of any fitout are similar, there are a few important things for franchisees to know about when embarking on a fitout.

For a greenfield franchise (i.e. a business opening in a new area) a completely new fitout will be required. However if you are purchasing an already established franchise it won’t require a completely new fitout. Some refurbishment, new equipment or branding updates may be necessary.

The fitout design

Because a franchise is part of a larger business, with an established brand, the design of your fitout will need to meet guidelines established by the franchisor. The guidelines will stipulate the use of common branding elements, like signage, logos, colours, and other materials. The franchisor will often allow the franchisee some freedom in the fitout design, but this depends on your Franchise Agreement.

Time management

Your Franchise Agreement will stipulate the date your business is to start operating. It is important to avoid any delays that could jeopardise meeting this deadline. Choosing a fitout company with experienced project management and great communication will keep your fitout project on track and ensure you are aware of any issues that you need to communicate to your franchisor. While the opening time can be extended, if there is a dispute, you could be in breach of your agreement. That’s why it is important to use a fitout company that is experienced and familiar with common issues facing new franchises.

Negotiation between parties

A franchise fitout involves input from a number of different parties. Your fitout needs to meet any guidelines outlined by the franchisor, and if it is in a shopping centre, it will need to meet the shopping centre guidelines as well. Guidelines for the shopping centre should be included in your leasing documents, while franchisor guidelines will be a part of your Franchise Agreement. 

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Image of KX Pilates franchise fitout completed by Affordable Fitouts.

When can I engage a fitout company?

There's a lot of paperwork and preliminaries to take care of when you purchase a franchise. New franchisees are keen to know when they can start fitting out or updating their new premises, so they can open. Usually, your fitout project is able to begin as soon as you have been granted occupancy rights under the lease. Luckily, the franchisor is often happy to help negotiate the terms of the lease on your behalf. Nest, you'll need to check your Franchise Agreement to see whether there are any stipulations for appointing a fitout company.

Choosing a fitout company

The franchisor may recommend a franchise fitout company or you may be able to you choose your own. Often the franchise company may require use of their own list of trades.

Given that franchise fitouts are subject to guidelines from multiple sources and often stipulate using particular suppliers, it is always better to use a fitout company who is familiar with these processes.

The Affordable Fitouts approach

Because keeping to budget and timelines is often a real concern, our absolute priority is project management and maintaining open and regular communication with you. This helps us to consistently deliver our projects within budget and on time. We employ the most efficient techniques, products and materials, to keep within budget, and we are always happy to work with any suppliers required by franchisors. We are also happy to assist with site assessments, permits, design documentation and producing detailed project plans.

Our approach prioritises:

- High quality project management

- Efficiency

- Regular client communication

We help with documentation and approvals prior to beginning your fitout. We assist with the following:

- Design documentation

- Site assessments

- Town planning/building permits

- Cost templates

- Detailed project plans

- Project management of all trades

We look after you

Affordable Fitouts works closely with you right from the start. Our talented team take care of every detail, from plumbing and electrical to joinery and partitions. We also specialise in customised branding and joinery, if you need something bespoke.

If you would like to talk to us about your franchise fitout, we’re always happy to chat. 

Contact us to discuss your next project.

Last updated on Monday, July 12th 2021

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