COVID-19 Safe Fitout Solutions


COVID-19 Safe Fitout Solutions

In these trying times, planning for an internal fitout can be a real challenge. The extraordinary conditions we are living in, as well as the latest public health regulations, require a carefully designed COVID-19 ready office space. Remarkably, our team of experienced fitout experts is rising to the challenge! During both our design and delivery process, we follow proper protection & distancing guidelines, whilst still allowing for the most productive workflow and movement within the premises.

Our team of professional tradespeople is ready to offer and implement a range of COVID-19 safe solutions for your company, depending on your needs. The main goal with implementing these changes, is to make our customers feel safe. Providing strong visuals is important as it shows that COVID-19 safe establishment doesn't have to sacrifice comfort for safety. Clever designs can be both productive, practical, and trendy.


Office Fitout Solutions

Our office fitout solutions include various design options, such as:

  • Protection screens around the workstations.
  • Spacing out the workstations.
  • Building partitions.
  • Sanitation stations on convenient and / or high traffic areas.
  • Friendly design using decorative furniture parts & elements.

Hospitality Fitout Solutions

The hospitality industry has taken the most serious hit during the pandemic. While the restaurants can't serve at full capacity, there are safe solutions that will maximise the possibility for optimal productivity:

  • Installing of protection screens between the tables and reception counters.
  • Spacing out of the tables, fewer seats at optimal distance.
  • Decorative floor markings for traffic management.
  • Booth design.
  • Sanitation stations near / at every table.

Retail Fitout Solutions

At Affodable Fitouts we also offer retail solutions, optimising your store space for safest operation:

  • Protection screen at the counters.
  • Floor markings in front of the counter for proper distancing.
  • Sanitation stations placed at shop entrance and convenient locations.
  • Re-design of shelve arrangement for safe traffic management.
  • Protection screens between tables at any possible lounge areas or lobbies.

Gym Fitout Solutions

Having worked on thousands of gym fitout projects, we are prepared to answer to all the COVID-19 safety challenges that gym owners face.

The safest design is highly dependent on the available space. We are ready to come up with the most effective safe solution specific for your gym, maximising both safety and productivity.

  • Protection screen at the counter.
  • Sanitation stations at the entrance and all around the premises, preferably one nearby each machine.
  • Design focused on social distance by utilising the available space.

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