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An office fitout isn’t just about new furniture and new carpet. It’s about getting the right balance between design, functionality and budget.

A well-designed office, retail, hospitality or fitness space can make a big difference to how people see your business, as well as improving the experience for your staff.

In consultation with you, our experienced design team will develop different layout options. We include detailed floor plans and computer-generated 3D rendered images, to help you better visualise and understand your space. We will develop a design which matches your brand, is highly functional, built to regulation and helps your business stand out from the rest. 

In house drawing services

Proof Design

Good design solves problems and looks to the future. We will design a fitout solution that will adapt to your needs as your business grows and changes. With flexible design layouts, and the latest materials and technology, your fitout will be built to last many years.
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3D renders of your fit out

3D renders of
your fit out

3D modelling enables us to bring your fit out to life before construction begins. It helps you to better visualise your space and make any final design changes, prior to construction.
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One-on-One Design Consultations

Sustainable Design

Sustainable materials, green walls, energy efficient lighting, waste management systems and low toxic paints, are just some of the environmentally friendly options available to transform your business.
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360 degree virtual tour

360 degree
virtual tour

To help visualise how your new fitout will look and feel, we also provide a 360 degree virtual tour. This will provide a realistic interpretation of the layout and smaller details of your design.
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Proof Design

Future proofing your work space is all about looking to the future and planning for future staff changes, evolving work arrangements and the latest technology.

The latest video technology, flexible, multi purpose work areas, phone-booth conferencing and moveable partitions and walls, are just some of the ways we can help you develop a design that will continue supporting your business into the future.


3D Renders Of
Your Fitout

Our designers will develop a design based on your requirements and will provide 3D rendered drawings to help better visualise the space. 3D renders allow you to view furniture, room layout, colour schemes and room dimensions in more detail. Changes can then be made to finalise the design. 

The advantage of a 3D render is that it provides clients with peace of mind and a more clear understanding of the final result. 

Sustainable Design

Interest in sustainable design is growing, as businesses seek ways to be more responsible and lesson their impact on the planet. Not only can using sustainable design principles and materials help reduce the ecological footprint of your business, it will also save you money by reducing your energy usage. 

From designing to maximise natural light, installing energy efficient lighting, choosing recycled materials and responsibly sourced timbers, to installing green walls, we will help you develop a sustainable fitout that will save you money and put your business at the forefront. 


360 Degree
Virtual Tour

Our 360 degree virtual tour enables you to visualise how things will look prior to construction. A 360 degree tour of your proposed fitout design is the best way to present your plans to staff or board members. It assists in better visualising the space and understanding all the elements of a design.

Once the main components of your fitout design are complete, your 3D image will be turned into a virtual walk-through. A 3D walk-through enables you to experience aspects of your design from different angles. It is one of the best ways to ensure you are completely happy with the design, prior to construction and to avoid costly changes later on.

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