Will a Coworking Office Work?

a year ago

Coworking offices have almost completely replaced cubicles in modern startups. Coworking space, where employees share desks, offices resources and amenities, can add tremendous value to your business, increasing productivity and encouraging collaboration to happen among employees. Coworking offices can also reduce the overall costs of a fitout. Fewer resources are needed to make the office functional, therefore decreasing the cost per square foot.

Benefits of open floor plans:

  • Collaboration is key. Employees work more closely and are encouraged to start dialogue with each other. Collaboration leads to better problem-solving skills among employees and makes management of coworkers easier.
  • Employees feel more comfortable and more productive when their workspace resembles their home environment. An open floor plan allows employees to design their own working space, whether they want to be in a social environment or simply need to feel more freedom within the office environment.
  • Cost reduction of office infrastructure. Fewer partitions are needed for separating offices, and employees can share resources, such as desks, computers, and conference rooms.

Coworking spaces work for businesses where creativity plays an important part of employees’ roles. Even if an office is not exclusively an open floor plan, it can be beneficial to give employees a common space to relax, solve problems together, and work on projects. While coworking spaces are a great benefit to many businesses, it’s not right for everyone.

Drawbacks to coworking:

  • More distractions can lead to decreased productivity
  • Customers may feel less comfortable entering a coworking space for business
  • Privacy is more important for some, and coworking may affect their performance

Having both closed offices and a coworking space often works best. Certain personality types and office tasks need the benefit of coworking, while others need closed office space for focused work time. Another alternative is having glass walls or half-glass partitions. Half-glass reduces sound like plaster partitions, but natural light comes through and people feel closer together.

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Last updated on Sunday, August 9th 2020

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