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Design Tips for more Efficient office

a year ago

Office design is more important to your business than you think. It contributes to productivity and office efficiency, and can influence how your business presents itself to customers and employees. Before moving into a new office or planning a remodel, you need to consider all types of design options.

There are four basic types of office design: open floor plans, half partitions, team enclosures, and cubicle layouts. The open floor plan is commonly used for coworking spaces where team members can freely collaborate and move from place to place to suit their needs. Half partitions and team enclosures allow for some privacy while still creating a community vibe. Cubicles are most traditional, and give hardworking employees the privacy and quiet they need to focus. You can incorporate multiple styles in your space. Follow these tips to create the perfect floorplan for your new office:

Leave some space open

You don’t have to have a completely open floor plan to utilize space for collaborative and reception purposes. If there is any empty space in your new office after you’ve built all the necessary offices, use it for a break or reception area, or a space for employees to work on creative and group projects. Utilize furniture to create boundaries but leave as much open, collaborative space as possible.

Build it energy-efficiently

It’s much easier to build a “green” office from scratch. Creating your office design and adding energy-efficient elements in the afterthought will be both ineffectual and cost prohibitive. Energy-efficiency in the office can reduce overall tenant costs, plus it can improve your business’ reputation as a leader in sustainable practice.

Add windows

Every office space needs windows, either to the outside world or in between office walls. Windows allow natural light to illuminate every room which can increase productivity and employee happiness. You can use half-glass partitions to let natural light flow from room to room.

Add collaborative spaces

If you have extra space, add conference rooms and shared resource rooms. Some employees thrive in collaborative environments, and if given the space, they will contribute exponentially if working together with members of their team.

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Last updated on Thursday, August 6th 2020

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