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Office kitchen: 5 things to consider

a year ago

It is important to provide a space for your employees to take a break, make a coffee, and enjoy some lunch away from their desks. Having a comfortable space can change the moral in an office and ensure your employees feel well looked after. The kitchen is commonly the heart of the home, so why not also make it the heart of the office.

All offices should be treated differently though. A small, start-up office kitchen will have different requirements to a larger multinational one. That being said, there are a few must- haves to make every office kitchen enjoyable and functional for the ones using it.



Everyone needs to take some time away from their desks to enjoy lunch. Taking a physical break from your desk can result in extended productivity in the afternoon. However, all office kitchens need to be functional, due to the number of people coming in and out of it. You can do this by adding a long ‘L’ shape bench along with a large table or island if space allows.


Kitchens are often the natural meeting point for an office, so why not ensure there is enough space for everyone whether it be for an after-work drink or several people enjoying lunch together comfortably. By adding comfortable seating such as couches and plenty of seating encourages your staff to spend more time together in the kitchen networking, socialising, building morale, or even getting a fresh perspective on a problem they may be trying to solve.



Because a kitchen can be a sociable area, it often means it can often get a bit noisy. To avoid distracting the staff working, ensure the location of the kitchen is further enough away from the desks without being completely separate from the office. That way, harmony is kept within the company. You want to keep disturbances from other staff members at a minimum. Ultimately, the location and size of your office kitchen should reflect your company's needs. We recommend installing solid office partitions in between the office and kitchen with a glass partition and MDF door to the front.


There’s nothing worse than someone’s lunch wafting through the office making everyone else hungry, or the steam from the dishwasher heating the place, especially in summer. Having the correct ventilation in your office kitchen isn’t just important for smells, it is also required to encourage proper airflow, preventing heat and steam build-up from cooking. You can either have a window to stimulate an airflow or a ventilation or extractor fan.


High Quality

Spending a little more on high-quality products can save you time and money in the long run. High-quality products will last longer and be more durable. You will want to fit out your office kitchens with catering quality fixtures as more people will be using it compared to standard home kitchens. You want products that are easy to clean, that will last longer, while still looking great and fit in with your office design.

You will need to ensure that your employees comply with the strict social distancing guidelines. Some ways to ensure your staff stick to the regulations is by:

  • Eliminating contact with others such as handshakes and friendly embraces.
  • Having workers avoid touching surfaces touched by others, especially if the surfaces have not previously been sanitised.
  • Having no events with external speakers or medium to large gatherings until further notice in line with government advice.
  • Having no physical group lunches, catering or other events.

As discussed earlier, implement arrangements to decrease the number of people in the workplace at any one time. Video calls can replace in-person meetings and you can introduce staggered times for teams to be in the office.

Get in touch

Well-designed office kitchens can alter your company image and have a positive impact on staff motivation, performance, and productivity.

If you’re interested in revamping your office kitchen, talk to the designers at the Affordable Fitouts. We can match you to the right office kitchen design for your business and help you through each step of the fit-out process. Contact us today to learn more.

Last updated on Saturday, September 12th 2020

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